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Janice Fosse

YA Science Fiction Author



Coming soon, baby. Coming soon. 

Articles & Etc.

Five on Five Magazine is the official magazine of the WFTDA, the Women's Flat-Track Roller Derby Association. When I was skating with the Rockford Rage, I wrote an inspiring article about the accessibility of roller derby to all body types and experience levels. That picture is of me, in my Travel Team gear. Sexy, I know. Try to control yourselves. 

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Artwork - Say What?

During the COVID-19 outbreak, especially after a bout of the actual bug, I discovered painting as a way to relieve some of the anxieties I've developed in isolation (haven't we all?) Turns out some people think I'm not the worst artist in the world, so I started an Etsy site to see if I can sell enough paintings to keep myself in brushes and canvases. 




Armed with a couple of virtually useless degrees, Janice worked as a public-access producer for the local cable TV franchise for eleven years until she was downsized. She used her severance package as a de facto advance and wrote her first novel, a disappointing slog called Triskele that will never see the light of day. She has written several false starts and abandoned epics since then, as well as gaining moderate acclaim as a Doctor Who fanfiction writer, a fact about which she is not at all ashamed, but probably should be.


While skating in the roller derby, she wrote an article about perseverance for rookie skaters, which was published in Five on Five Magazine, the national publication of the Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association. She also led the league in ejections for a time, but that’s another story.


She is also the founder of Rockford Improv, an improvisational comedy troupe that has performed in Rockford and the surrounding communities. After a lengthy hiatus, she has plans to resurrect the troupe and begin performing again, because she clearly doesn’t have enough to do.


Janice lives in Rockford, Illinois, the third most dangerous city of its size in the United States, with her extremely patient husband, Ken, their amazing, precocious daughter, and three rescue beagles.

Janice Fosse has skated on a roller derby team, sang in a women’s barbershop quartet, once yelled at Chris Farley for smoking a cigar, and some of her DNA is on Mars (no, really). Growing up in a large family full of interesting people and legendary stories inspired Janice to lead a life as full of varied experiences and adventures as possible. A graduate of Augustana College with a BFA in theater performance and another BA in English with a creative writing concentration, Janice has been a storyteller all her life, whether through acting, the act of writing, or simply embellishing a memory into a legend in the retelling.


Fed on a steady diet of science fiction and speculative stories, Janice has always preferred the expanse of her imagination to the confines of everyday life, and has built fantastic fictional worlds that now live in storage tubs in her basement. She can honestly say she has lost at least one job due in part to her writing addiction, and has finally decided to give in to her calling and try to get paid for the thing she spent most of her time doing at her previous jobs, anyway.

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