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Janice Fosse

YA Science Fiction Author



Coming soon, baby. Coming soon. 

Articles & Etc.

Five on Five Magazine is the official magazine of the WFTDA, the Women's Flat-Track Roller Derby Association. When I was skating with the Rockford Rage, I wrote an inspiring article about the accessibility of roller derby to all body types and experience levels. That picture is of me, in my Travel Team gear. Sexy, I know. Try to control yourselves. 



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Janice Fosse, a native of glamorous Rockford, Illinois, has competed in international women’s barbershop contests, founded an improv comedy troupe, is banned from playing roller derby in Davenport, Iowa, and some of her DNA is on Mars (No, really!) A mom to both a magnificent daughter and several deranged rescue beagles, she balances time between writing and befriending the neighborhood squirrels with running an after-school creative writing group at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School and watching the cheesiest movies she can find.
A graduate of Augustana College with degrees in Theater Performance and Creative Writing, she spent many years writing commercials, doing voiceover work, and producing ultra low-budget shows for the local cable tv station, until mercifully being downsized and thus freed to pursue her passion.
Fed on a steady diet of science fiction and speculative stories practically since birth, Janice has always preferred the expanse of her imagination to the confines of everyday life, and has built fantastic fictional worlds that now live in storage tubs in her basement. She, her husband, her daughter, and all those dogs live in the picturesque Broadway Heights neighborhood of Rockford, but she has never met any of the members of the band Cheap Trick.

She is represented by agent Valerie Noble of Donaghy Literary Group.
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